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2D Animation Production Service

2D Animation Production Service

Short Description:

We provide two-dimensional animation production services. You can make your product introduction, course content, report summary, employee training and other contents into lively two-dimensional animation to improve the brand image and learning effect.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Industry we serve


Education, games, construction, publish,catering, automobile, medical, military and other industries.

* Service process

1.through online communication tools or support@weimeitc.com Email communication requirements
2. Make clear the list and price
3. Sign contract and pay
4. Determination of script, image, painting style, characters and other contents
5. Confirmation of sample effect
6. Mass production
7. Phased acceptance
8. Closing items


* Price

1.Junior $5 per page
2. Intermediate $20 per page
3. Premium $100 per page
4. Other specific consultations
The above prices are for reference, and the actual costs are negotiated according to the production content.

* Our Advantages

 1.Our team can use flash, ae, pr and other software to make two-dimensional animation in different forms to maximize the technical requirements of users
2. Our original painters can design different styles and forms of cartoon animation images according to user needs
3. We have tens of thousands of minutes of successful animation experience
4. We have successful experience in education, medical care, automobile, finance, transportation, military, real estate and other industries
5. Our full process production team includes screenwriter, scene, original painting, sub film, director, voice dubbing, music dubbing, animation and post production

* Customer Story

Bada Shanren Idiom Animation:

Bada Shanren Company is a company that teaches children to know Chinese characters. They have their own cartoon images and Tiktok accounts. They have gained a large number of fans by publishing some interesting videos on Tiktok accounts. In order to realize the realization of fans, they decided to develop a set of idiom animation stories. Through the technical means of two-dimensional animation. Weimei Tiancheng has been recognized by customers through its professional team and high-quality samples. Due to the tight schedule and heavy task, we carried out several small groups at the same time and submitted them in batches, and finally completed more than 80 small animation idioms with beautiful pictures and funny plots.

Professor Jeffrey R Gruen, MD, Yale University Animation Production:

Professor Jeffrey R Gruen, MD, is engaged in the research of language diversity. He has some research results that need to be shown to the general public, but some theoretical content is obscure, so Professor Jeffrey came to us and hoped that we can use animation to express complex content in a simple and understandable way. Our script teachers and animation directors made detailed analysis and systematic design for Professor Jeffrey's needs, Finally, we completed the script writing and animation production, and Professor Jeffrey was very satisfied with our work.

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