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PPT Design and Production Service

PPT Design and Production Service

Short Description:

We provide PPT design and production services. You only need to provide your design and production needs. We provide you with one-stop services such as page design, text layout, animation production and voice dubbing.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Industry we serve


Education, games, construction, publish,catering, automobile, medical, military and other industries.

* Service process

1.Through online communication tools or support@weimeitc.com Email communication requirements
2.Make clear the list and price
3.Sign contract and pay
4.Project implementation period
5.Phased acceptance
6.Closing items


* Price

1. Junior $5 per page
2. Intermediate $20 per page
3. Premium $100 per page
4. Other specific consultations
The above prices are for reference, and the actual costs are negotiated according to the production content.

* Our Advantages

1.We have experienced teachers who can write ppt scripts, and customers provide high-quality creativity
2. We have original painters and UI designers to make your ppt courseware look more beautiful and high-end
3. We have 2D animators and three animators who can embed exquisite animation videos for your ppt
4. We have ISpring courseware making engineers who can embed rich interactive content in your ppt courseware. The completed ppt courseware can be released as a courseware package that supports the scorm1.2 and scorm2004 standards

* Customer Story

Land Aviation College:

The Land Aviation College is mainly engaged in pilot training. They always have some abstract concepts and complex structure equipment that cannot be taught to students well in the teaching process. Therefore, the Land Aviation College chose our company to design a lively ppt for the school to improve the teaching effect. After signing the contract, we had an in-depth communication with the customer, understood the customer's needs and the materials that the customer can provide, and then our designer designed a teaching ppt for them with both pictures and texts, which successfully completed the customer's task.

Beijing University of Technology:

Beijing University of Technology is a well-known university in China, and analytical chemistry is an important subject of the university. In addition to theoretical knowledge, there are many experimental courses in analytical chemistry that require students to operate by hand. In order for students to better master theoretical and practical knowledge, the teacher in charge of this course contacted our company and hoped that we could help to complete this task. After the cooperation between the two parties, we first counted the video materials and picture materials to be embedded in the ppt, and then finalized the template of the ppt design with the teacher. We completed the design of the ppt in about a month and put it into use, with good results. The teacher in charge of the project also won awards in the related competitions.

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