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3D Modeling Service

3D Modeling Service

Short Description:

We can create 3D models of people, animals, plants, buildings, furniture, cultural relics, scenes, etc. Service education, games, construction, medical, military and other fields.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Modeling category and service industry


We can create 3D models of people, animals, plants, buildings, furniture, cultural relics, scenes, etc. Service education, games, construction,publish, medical, military and other fields.

* Case Screenshot


* Service process

1.Through online communication tools or support@weimeitc.com Email communication requirements
2.Make clear the list and price
3.Sign contract and pay
4.Project implementation period
5.Phased acceptance
6.Closing items


* Price

1.Primary model $200 each
2.$800 each for intermediate models
3.Advanced model $2000 each
4.Other specific consultations
The above prices are for reference, and the actual costs are negotiated according to the production content.

* Our Advantages

1.We have huge model base resources, which can greatly improve the modeling speed and quality
2. We have a sound model production team, which can complete various complex model production tasks
3. We have experience in the management and implementation of small, medium and large projects, which can ensure the successful delivery of customers' projects according to the time and quality required by users
4. We have successful experience in education, construction, tourism, military, medical, film and television and other industries

* Customer Story

Jian An Cheng Geotechnical Co:

Jian An Cheng Geotechnical Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the wind power industry. They install wind turbines for the power plant. The installation of fans requires strict process flow. Due to the large construction team and personnel changes, a complete personnel training program needs to be specified to let workers understand the details of each installation step. So our shooting staff went to the construction site first, and used cameras and drones to take pictures of the on-site installation process step by step. For some details that could not be shot and displayed, we used the form of three person modeling to make animation to supplement, and finally successfully completed the customer's project and won the user's praise.

Sanjiangyuan National Park Project:

Sanjiangyuan National Park is located in the west of China, the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and the south of Qinghai Province. There are precious animal and plant resources. In order to make the world better understand the Three Rivers and experience the beautiful scenery of the Three Rivers and know about those lovely animals and rare plants that are very helpful to human health, the Three Rivers National Park decided to create an online vr exhibition hall. Our company undertook part of the project, in which we produced more than 20 animal models, including snow leopards, Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, etc., and more than 20 plant models, including winter and spring grasses, gentian, and plum. At present, the online exhibition hall of Sanjiangyuan has been online and well received by users.

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