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File Encryption Service

File Encryption Service

Short Description:

We can encrypt video, audio, pictures, documents, h5 static sites, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Supported formats


Mp3, Mp4, Pdf, Html, Jpg, Png, Js, Css, Ppt (to be converted to H5), Doc&Docx (to be converted to Pdf), etc

* Effect after encryption

1.You need to use specific software developed by our company to open encrypted files
2.After encryption, it can be accessed to the file authorization platform, and can only be used by a third party after the author authorizes it
3.The copyright owner of the file can view the record of the file being used

* Service process

1.Through online communication tools or support@weimeitc.com Email communication requirements
2.Determine the amount, sign the contract and pay
3.Complete encryption and acceptance
4.Closing items


* Price

1.$0.1 for ordinary documents (the price is negotiable)
2.$1.50 per Ppt file
3.1 USD per year for each account opened on the authorization platform

* Our Advantages

1.The encryption software and system platform have been upgraded for many years
2. Encrypt millions of files
3. More than 10 million cumulative uses
4. Support GPS scanning and positioning, and the owner of the file can know the geographic location and usage time of the file
5. Support the viewing of usage records. The copyright owner can view the usage time of the file in real time and use the account
6. Multiple permission management, supports the limit of the number of computers, usage time, offline usage time, and offline usage times
7. The back-end management platform supports mobile phones and computers, allowing you to manage file authorization anytime, anywhere

* Customer Story

Bilin Star Animation Composition File Encryption:

Bilin Star specializes in providing services for primary and secondary schools to improve their writing ability. They elaborately produced animation ppt matching classical masterpieces and composition writing, which is loved by primary and secondary school students. In order to protect intellectual property rights and effectively control the scope of use of outgoing files, Bilin Star chose to purchase the file encryption service of Weimei Tiancheng. At present, thousands of users of Bilin Star have been using the encrypted products, and the feedback is good.

Encrypt the English courseware of Inxbury:

Innsbury is an organization engaged in English education for children and young children. They have 12 sets of flash animation courseware without file protection. It is difficult to charge twice after sending the document to the user, and it is also difficult to prevent the customer from forwarding the document to other companies to affect their sales. Based on the above problems that need to be solved urgently, Inspur has chosen our company's file encryption service. We analyzed the file structure and situation of Insbury and customized a set of encryption scheme for them, which has been put into use. The encryption scheme effectively solves the problems of customers, and enables them to carry out business promotion in the national scheme without worrying about piracy.

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