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Original Painting Design Service

Original Painting Design Service

Short Description:

We provide original painting design services, including game character design, animation character design, UI design, scene design, logo design, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Industry we serve


Education, games, construction, catering, publish、automobile, medical, military and other industries.

* Service process

1. Through online communication tools or support@weimeitc.com Email communication requirements
2. Make clear the list and price
3. Sign contract and pay
4. demo effect confirmation
5. Mass production
6. Phased acceptance
7. Closing items


* Price

1. Junior $20 each
2. Intermediate 50 dollars each
3. Premium $200 each
4.Other specific consultations
The above prices are for reference, and the actual costs are negotiated according to the production content.

* Our Advantages

1. We have our own cloud material library, which can easily and quickly find material elements, saving users design time and cost
2. We have professionals in the fields of characters, scenes, UI and props, and have successful experience in large-scale projects
3. Based on our team's superb technical level and rich industry experience, we can undertake original painting design projects in education, film and television, games, real estate, automobile, finance, cultural tourism, transportation and other industries
4. Exchange and cooperation with famous painters and artists

* Customer Story

Occident book illustration design:

OMAX is a company that provides teaching materials and courses for training institutions. The flash courseware of OMAX shell memory is the technical support provided by our company. OMAX wants to develop some connecting textbooks for children and young children. Because of the tight time and high quality requirements, OMAX chose to cooperate with Weimei Tiancheng. Our company got the project requirements and made a systematic analysis of the work content, quality requirements and time requirements. Combining with the company's human resources, we developed a scientific project implementation plan, and finally successfully completed the design of illustrations, which was recognized by customers.

Singapore Rainbow Picture Book Original Design:

Rainbow Singapore is an organization engaged in the research and development of pre-school children's textbooks and courses, and found us through the recommendation of friends. Rainbow's requirement is to design a set of picture books of tadpoles turning into frogs, and realize ar effect through mobile phone apps. Scan books with mobile phones, and 3D animation of tadpoles swimming appears on mobile phones. Our planners, artists, programmers, modelers and product managers have successfully completed the user's needs through careful work arrangement and implementation.

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