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Introduction to PPT to H5 service

Introduction to PPT to H5 service

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With the development of mobile Internet, people’s learning habits have gradually shifted from computers to mobile phones. More and more customers need to transfer courseware originally on computers to mobile phones. The market of PPT to H5 has emerged.

Our conversion services and advantages are as follows:
● Support PPT, and PPTX to H5 format
● Animation in PPT will not be lost after conversion
● Click operations in the converted ppt can be completely retained
● Provide cloud deployment services after transformation
● Support multi terminal publishing after conversion, windows, mac, Android, ISO
● Provide access to courseware authorization platform after conversion
● Time limit for authorized platform support
● The authorized platform supports the limit of the number of computers. After reaching the maximum number of computers, you cannot log in to the new computer device
● The authorization platform supports the viewing of login records, which can be used to view when users log in to the courseware
● The authorized platform supports the viewing of gps location information. The platform uses the Goddard Geographic Information System as the technical support platform. Users need to scan the code through their mobile phones before entering the courseware. WeChat is recommended to use the code scanning software

Our service process is:
1. Upload your ppt to the server through the website
2. Our technicians download your ppt courseware and convert it
3. The quality inspector shall review the conversion results. If there is any problem, the quality inspector shall re convert and submit the courseware to the delivery center if there is no problem
4.The delivery center sends the converted courseware to the email you provide

We provide users with the following value-added services:
1. H5 encryption. If you want your h5 to be used by others with your authorization, we can first provide you with encryption services and then provide a cloud authorization platform.
2. On the cloud of h5, we have an affordable ECS that can help you store h5 courseware in the cloud, so that you can directly provide users with a website when using it.
3. H5 courseware production, if you are our ppt to h5 customer, we can provide you with h5 courseware production services at a preferential price. Customize h5 courseware according to your needs.

Post time: Dec-02-2022