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Waymaysky Encrypted INSBURY Flash Courseware

Waymaysky Encrypted INSBURY Flash Courseware

Weimei Tiancheng courseware production service has completed hundreds of thousands of multimedia courseware production and successfully delivered hundreds of multimedia courseware projects. In line with the work attitude of keeping improving, the company has constantly improved the courseware production process and optimized the courseware production effect, and has formed a complete and mature multimedia courseware production management system.
In order to demonstrate the company’s professionalism and improve the company’s quality management system, Weimei Tiancheng invited professional third-party companies to carry out ISO9001 quality management system certification.
We focus on animation production, original painting design, sound recording, h5 foreground development, web background development, two-dimensional animation production, three-dimensional animation production, ui design, script writing, courseware testing, courseware release, project management, personnel arrangement, progress control, courseware archiving, material library management, courseware case display, courseware quality evaluation, courseware expansion, courseware compatibility, courseware stability, courseware traceability, user training, User satisfaction and other courseware production service areas have been comprehensively evaluated and finally passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Brief introduction to courseware production management system:

Management activities:
Each courseware production project is assigned a project manager, which consists of 2D animation group, 3D animation group, original painting group, dubbing group, quality inspection group, material integration group, software development group, and product release group. The project manager organizes a project meeting to define the priority and interdependence of each task according to the project content, assign specific tasks to each project participant, specify the completion time, and publish the confirmed content to the project management system.
Each project participant issues a daily report every day and updates the project progress in the project management system.
The project manager assesses project risks in real time to ensure project quality and progress.

Resource provision:
We divide resources into customer provided resources and company resources. The resources provided by the customer shall be uniformly allocated by the project manager, and the company’s resource staff shall allocate by themselves. Resources related to courseware production provided by the company for employees mainly include online material library, online sound effect library, online program library and related system software.

Product realization and measurement:
The courseware project adopts the working mode of iterative development and stage confirmation to ensure that the products realized are what customers want and that the project risks are controllable.

Analysis and improvement:
The improvement of project execution efficiency and the optimization of quality are things that should be done throughout. The work content of original painting, animation, program, material sorting and other posts should always summarize the methods that can save time and improve efficiency and share them with each member of the team.

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Post time: Dec-02-2022